The Dent · What I’m playing - January 2024

What I’m playing - January 2024

What I’m playing

I closed out 2023 with a pledge to myself to play more single player games. My aim was to finish at least one single player game amongst the hours of time I spend wasted on competitive multiplayer games and MMOs.

We’re now half-way through January so it’s time to see how I’m getting on, so here’s a quick look at what I’m currently playing.

Alan Wake 2

This is, I’m sad to say, the only single player game I have installed currently and I have unfortunately not finished it yet. I’m about 6 or so hours in I believe, and really enjoying my time with it so far. I played Alan Wake 1 for the first time a year ago, and it’s certainly a big step forward both graphically and gameplay wise.

Alan Wake scenery

I found the first game a touch frustrating as it ended up being a bit of a slog through pretty poor combat. Alan Wake 2, so far, addresses this, and focuses far more on a very enticing story.

It’s a slow paced game, but really engrossing so far. It gives me Resident Evil vibes, which can only be a good thing.

Whilst it’s early days, I fully intend to carry on and see the game through to the end. I’m not convinced I’ll make my way to the end in January, however, and I don’t really want to rush this beauty either. I may need to catch up on my plan in February with a short one!


Now we move swiftly onto the the time waster competitive games … First up, Fortnite.

This season they gave you a Peter Griffin skin, with Solid Snake coming up soon. That’s all I can say really … I’m in!

Peter griffin apparently

In seriousness, Fortnite is a very relaxing game and, thanks to the unique Battlepass, it’s very easy to dip into for a short while once or twice a week, and still complete the pass by the end so that’s what I’m doing. I’m about level 90 now, with very little effort. I’ll unlock Solid Snake in 10 days time, and then move on again for a few months.

New World

My main obsession this month is, unfortunately, New World again. I say unfortunately because it really is a pretty dead game, and has been for quite some time now. Amazon Games recently announced they’re making a new Lord of the Rings MMO as well, so they’ll no doubt gut the game very soon and focus on that.

New World Vista

I should just move on, but the combat and world in this game is just too darn nice. As far as MMO’s go it’s relatively casual friendly as well. You can play a few hours a week and stay up to date with things. Having played Lord of the Rings Online again recently, however, I am completely sold on a Middle-Earth based version of New World. I think that could be huge.

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